holy itch

Becoming An Empath

Growing up I never really understood 'Empathy'. I grew up in a family that wasn't…

3 Things To Know About Healing

To heal is to touch with love, that which we previously touched with fear.-Stephen Levine…

5 Exercises To Practice After Your Reiki Attunement

This is for those that are just starting out with Reiki. Also, for those that…

The Rewards of Generous Behavior

We admire generous people. Fortunately, anyone can be generous. It’s not necessary to be wealthy,…

10 Tips for Reinventing Yourself

Most of us, at some point in our lives, are presented with the opportunity to…

Ways To Discover Your Purpose in Life

Life is more meaningful if you have a purpose. Life is also a lot simpler…

Divine Healing Disclaimer (Must Read)

Disclaimer Archangel Raphael says this for 86 42 789 and for  16 612 485 97895: This code is safe for use in children--there is a safety feature

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Opening The Third Eye

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sage smudging

Smudging For Beginners

Aside from purifying the physical realm and boosting your health, smudging can help you remove psychic energies that you do not wish to have in your space. It is a powerful spiritual tool that can clear the energy field of your home of any unwanted entities. Many people also use the smudging technique to purify second-hand objects that they bring home to clear any energies that may be connected to those objects. Smudging can also clear your personal energy field by removing metaphysical weight and emotional blocks. Read more →