3 Things To Know About Healing

3 Things To Know About Healing

To heal is to touch with love, that which we previously touched with fear.

-Stephen Levine

For whatever reason, you have come to realize that healing yourself is needed, congratulations! They do say the first step to healing, is being aware you need healing. That recognition in itself holds many admiring aspects. Yes, it’s a big deal! When you heal yourself, you are helping heal the collective consciousness. You are not alone.

You Are Not Alone In This Process Of Healing

Healing is humbling. It takes courage to face one’s own music and dance with the skeletons in your closet. Healing can get lonely and dark. Healing takes constant effort to master yourself. But beyond it all, Healing is so worth it. So I commend you for wanting to heal yourself. You are worthy of greater love!

Now, where do you start healing? How do you start healing? and how do you know what to heal? I will give you 3 things to know about healing. These are essential to your healing. I found these things to be very important to incorporate in your healing practice.

Healing is necessary because our minds have been filled with fear, worry, anxiety, and all these other programming people have influenced us with. Which has led many of us to a very unfulfilling life. It does not have to be like this. Healing gives you the opportunity to have a chance at a much more fulfilling life, greater love, and abundance.

The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind.

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Meditation Is Essential For Healing

One of the most important practices to healing is to give yourself that quiet time to learn and master quieting your mind. This can be done in many ways. You can read a book. You can do something you love that takes you away. You can watch movies. But the most effective way I’ve found was to meditate. Yes, meditation will take practice. So practice you must. The meditations that helped me early on to my healing journey were guided meditations I found on YouTube.

Starting With Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations, most likely, have someone talking you through the meditations. I found that helpful because, in the beginning, I could not quiet my mind. But, as I said, it takes practice. So I practiced. You deserve this! There were many times I fell asleep, which is fine, do not be so hard on yourself. Even now, after years of practice, there will still be times that I still fall asleep. And it’s okay. I’m sure there’s a reason for that too. There have also been times when I fell asleep and woke up in that meditative zone seeing a bunch of colors and patterns. So when I thought I had fallen asleep, I really hadn’t.

The trick I applied is, I practiced shifting my attention, zone out my thoughts, and just listen to the person speaking in the meditation. The goal is to be able to control and shift your mind. It takes practice. That’s why I found guided meditation to be helpful. I was able to redirect my attention from my own thoughts to just listening to someone.

Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind thus rejuvenating the body.

-Deepak chopra

I always recommend picking meditations that are specific to you. And I think you will understand that in a deeper sense as you move along in your healing process. Here are some guided meditations you can start with: Chakra healing meditations. Past Life regression meditations. Self-confidence healing meditations. Detachment healing meditations and any hypnosis meditations are wild to experience.

Finding Time To Meditate

Depending on the time you have at hand, I am sure they have guided meditations for that amount of time. And as you progress, breathing meditations will definitely take you to your next level. I believe once you open up to what the universe can do to help you heal, you will be guided to what’s next for you. Even just a five-minute meditation is extremely helpful. If it’s overwhelming, start there.

Try them out a few times, a lot of time! If you are serious about taking on this healing path for yourself, meditate 2-3 times daily. If you feel like you’re getting bored with one, go for another and rotate them to start with. I found the moments where I feel like giving up on meditating, those are the times you know you’re close to breaking some walls. To me, meditation is like a mini-vacation.

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Remember the goal is to learn to quiet your mind from your own thoughts. That quiet place is unconditional love, a no-judgment zone. It’s a place to reset your mind, body, and soul. At times you will get visions, and no you are not imagining them, I recommend journaling your experiences. Sometimes you will remember, sometimes you won’t and that’s okay. Your subconscious knows what your current consciousness has not yet deciphered. Be gentle with yourself and enjoy the process.

Just Be

Being in that quiet place we start to remember who we really are. Funny how that works, because we do not need thinking or thoughts during meditations, we just need to be. It is in that quiet zone through meditations, reading, praying, or chanting, that we are able to just be. And through that, we can hear and remember the beat of our hearts. And more and more of your true authentic self will manifest in your reality.

So do not be intimidated by meditations. It may seem unproductive and useless but as you go further along, you will see how valuable meditations were all along when it comes to healing. Every spiritual guru recommends meditation. the world can get so loud in all forms that sometimes we can’t even hear ourselves no more, or we think we hear ourselves, but is that really ourselves we are hearing? Go ahead listen to yourself and just be.

Wherever you are, be totally there!

-eckhart tolle

Grounding Is Very Important To Your Healing

When I told my friend I needed more healing than counseling, she had told me about ‘grounding’ and initially, I had no idea what that meant. I have never heard of it before. But since I wanted to be open to new things, I took some time to ponder what it means to be grounded and the importance of grounding to my healing.

Being Present

I came across Eckhart Tolle’s book, talking about being in your NOW. How it is in your NOW, in your present moment is where it all is. I didn’t really watch the whole thing or read his book but that message right there as simple and complicated it may be, rang a bell in my heart.

If you take a moment to observe your thoughts, you will come to notice that you are thinking of yesterday, you are feeling some hurt from the past, you are worried about this coming bill, you are stressing about working, you are having anxiety of what’s next or fearful of what’s to come all at once. You are everywhere else but in your present.

You may physically be there in your present but your mind is somewhere else. This is what grounding does, it is about yanking all those energies you exert out in the past, later, or tomorrow in your head and bringing you back to the present, in your NOW. Where everything is.

A Movie To Help You Better Understand ‘Grounding’

A great movie to help you further understand the idea of grounding, watch the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler. If you’ve seen it watch it again. If you haven’t, it will show you what it cost you to not be in your present moment. You miss your life away. God gifts you at the moment, if you were so stuck in your head, would you even notice the gifts? Yes, that’s why it is important. It’s not just for you to notice the gifts, it is also to help you recognize what needs healing. It also helps you just be.

Healing Your Present Moment

Everything you need to heal will be presented to you in your NOW. So be present with yourself. Even ancestral healings will be presented in the present moment for healing. Childhood trauma will be triggered and shown to you in the present moment, you just need to be present and mindful of yourself. Grounding allows you to see what you are really dealing with.

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There are many ways to ground yourself. I tried a few different methods. And along the way, you will find what works best for your own healing journey.

Crystals For Grounding

I was recommended to wear crystal rocks that are grounding. They help ground you energetically when you wear them or have them on you. Many people incorporate crystals in their practices, both to enjoy their beauty and because they believe them to be effective aids in releasing unwanted energies and tensions and achieving stillness and calm. I knew nothing of crystals prior to this, but I’m being open to new things so I decided to try crystals! Even though I didn’t really know exactly what I’m supposed to be feeling, or what it does. At first, it seemed all mythical but weirdly they do work! I do believe they do have an energetic influence to a certain extent. I felt grounded and it made sense.

Children Are Magical Healers

What really grounds me are my children! It serves everyone! Because I want to make sure that I heal with my children, I really exerted extra effort in being present with my children at all times. This boundary I set myself allowed me to be present with myself. It has created a deeper bond between us and has helped me heal other things in my life just by being present. Also, children love you unconditionally, and that love is soooo healing. So if you have children, I always recommend healing with your children, being present with them 100% can heal you tremendously. It offers you so many opportunities to heal and love.

Other Methods I Found

A silly method I came up with is, I would stomp around where I was at. When I realize I’m just so much in my head and time is just passing by and I’m so unproductive due to the emotional reaction I get from the thoughts in my head, I start to stomp around and tell myself, “back to earth, back to earth!” Then if at times that doesn’t work, I start to pay attention to things around me, touching them, naming them, describing them to myself. I take a look at what’s around me and be present.

This method helped me a lot with my PTSD affecting my safety. When I got anxious and fearful, I pull myself to my NOW, I look around, and recognize I’m safe, I show myself the reality of what is, rather than the reality of what was then. the threats and worries are all in my head because my present moment tells me a different story. Your present moment is what is. Grounding is a big deal! It’s important to apply grounding in your healing practice. It affects your perceptions, your reactions, your story, and your presence.

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Popular Way To Ground

A really popular way to ground yourself is to imagine yourself like a tree on the ground and let your roots go down into the soil, imagine yourself grounded in Earth. That method is also helpful for more visual people too. It’s a bit easier to relate to a tree.

Grounding has so many valuable aspects to it. Grounding helps you face yourself, even better it lets you be. It helps you stay centered during chaotic or triggering moments. Grounding allows you to bond deeper to those in your present moment. Grounding allows you to realistically deal with what’s going on. Grounding shifts your perspective immensely. So ground yourself!

Reiki heals on all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Based In Wikipedia…

Reiki (霊気, /ˈreɪki/) is a Japanese form of energy healing, which is a subset of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Reiki is a pseudoscience and is used as an illustrative example of pseudoscience in scholarly texts and academic journal articles. It is based on qi (“chi”), which practitioners say is a universal life force, although there is no empirical evidence that such a life force exists.

Finding Reiki

I grew up in a very traditional religious family, so when I first started this healing journey, I was learning a lot outside of my radar. I didn’t really know what “healing” consists of in this bigger sense of life. Or what I really needed to do to help myself and really feel healed and good inside. I did try counseling and was offered some medication, however, I personally am not too fond of taking meds due to the weird side effects I get from them. I do know that it works for other people just not for me.

So when I was introduced to Energy Healing, I thought to myself, that’s painless enough. I was enlightened! Honestly, I was a bit desperate because, after year-long counseling, there was a pang of persistent emotional weight I felt lingering that I just can’t seem to get rid of.

Honestly, as naive and dumb as it sounds, I just got excited, said okay, and set up my appointment. I didn’t do much research, which ended up being okay because that left my state of mind open to receiving. I wanted my own experience and witness to it without the influence of others. And I knew, if it got weird I had the free will to back off from it.

Experience Reiki For Yourself

I highly recommend finding a local Reiki Master that you feel good vibes from and at least do it once in your healing process. It’s a really good boost in your energy, and in your heart. Experience the unconditional love it presents in your energetic self, that is a good reminder of your wholeness, your divine self, and trips you out because it’s magical. It is gentle loving energy, as weird as that sound. I only had it done once and it released that energetic block that felt stuck on me for a long time and I could not get rid of no matter how much I talked and reasoned about it.

It only took that one time, I was amazed and pursued being a Reiki practitioner, and now am a Reiki Master-Teacher. I wanted to help me and help others with a simple touch, well, Reiki session. You will come out refreshed, relaxed, revitalized, supported to further your healing process. Such a graceful loving touch!

If you haven’t tried Reiki, I say go experience it for yourself.

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