5 Tips Sending Distance Reiki During The 2020 Pandemic

5 Tips Sending Distance Reiki During The 2020 Pandemic

As a Reiki Practitioner and/or Master, you have the ability to send out energy that can energetically restore purity in one’s chi and induce healing and recovery. AND what a great opportunity it is right now to share this divine Reiki energy to the world. You can do this by spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day to send Reiki out to the world.  We need you and this is a great opportunity to enhance your Reiki practice. 

Do Indulge In Reiki For Yourself

Reiki during pandemic

One of the most important thing for Reiki practitioners is to always take the time to indulge yourself in this Reiki energy. You can do this even once a week. But if you become more mindful of your time, you will notice that you have plenty of opportunities to lay that hand on you and let Reiki flow. 

Who, What, Where To Send Distance Reiki?

The Reiki energy you are sending will be much more effective if you focus, If you have a specific target, instead of scattering — your healing efforts. Set your intentions to send to a recipient for your Reiki.

  • A specific region
  • The planet
  • Specific people
  • General or specific population
  • Person, Place or Thing

Properly Align Your Intent

Send Reiki with the intent that it be used in a way that’s in agreement with God’s will or the Universe’s or the Higher Power that resonates with you for the highest and greatest good of the recipients. This allows those receiving the energy to make use of it in a way that’s in accordance with their path.

Don’t Try to Control Outcome

Disasters, or even a pandemic, touch our compassionate hearts as human beings. We want what is best for our fellow earth inhabitants. This includes working to minimize suffering, helping to comfort others, and offering solutions to help reduce stress on their healing journey. Sending Reiki can be helpful to alleviate their stress, anxiety, and fear, but it will not make them live if that is not their path. What’s meant to happen will still happen. Reiki isn’t meant to change a destined outcome, but it can make the road more pleasant and less painful along the way. Focus on comfort and benefit, we cannot control the outcome.

Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself

Properly protecting yourself, if you feel called to, is another tool before you begin your distance Reiki session. Surround yourself with white light or energy, or envision a protective veil between you and your Reiki recipient. Create the protection with the intent that it will prevent you, if you are an empath, from being empathically overwhelmed by detecting negative energy or fears emanating from the recipients. 

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