Congratulations on your Reiki journey. Now what? Hopefully this article and the many Reiki guides in this site can give you a sense of direction when it comes to your Reiki practice. 

I am honored to have you here. You are amazing for wanting to support others in their healing. It’s a very exciting moment to feel that reiki coming out of your hand. The possibilities are endless. It’s great to have this feeling of purpose deep within you. but how do we ground these so that we can actually help people?

So, what now? Whether you took the Reiki course to heal yourself or to help others heal themselves, here are the next few steps you might want to start with. 

Detoxing & Clearing Time

Remember soon after your attunement comes detox and clearing of your channels so that you may flow reiki through you strongly and much purely. This detox can take from 21 days to 45 days. It varies by individual. So please be gentle with yourself.

If the energies are too intense for you, always ask Reiki to go gentler and easier on you. You can ask or tell reiki that you want it to feel gentle on your side. We all have a preference. Just know you have that power over how you are alchemized with this energy.  

During this Detoxing and clearing time span…

  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Get some sleep & rest.
  • Meditate every chance you get. 
  • Be mindful of your feelings but know it will pass.
  • Trust that Reiki knows what it’s doing.
  • This is the best time to practice Reiki on yourself. 
  • This is the best time to get to know your Reiki. 
  • Find an on and off method on your reiki flow. 
  • Memorize your Reiki symbols

Why meditation is very important with Reiki

Reiki is very high-frequency energy. It comes with a lot of information. And this information that this energy will share with you has depth in them that can be blocked from understanding because of the human ego. 

When you meditate, you are a ground zero. You are at a reset point. You are in a non-judgemental loving state. You are receptive and free. Within meditation, you are vibing at the highest state of divine love. Meditation connects you to all things. So when you are at that state of mind, the universe, your guides, your fairy godmothers, your angels can download information to you and provide you healing without the human ego resistance to the magic. 

So practice meditation. Be mindful of how you fall asleep, be mindful of how your mind works, be mindful of how you get information, be mindful of how you feel after or before, be mindful of which meditations work for you, either guided or just conscious breathing. 

So as you integrate more and more of your energy with Reiki, you can also evolve your meditation skills so that you can fully utilize what this reiki energy offers you and your clients. 

Next thing you need to do...

Practice! Practice! Practice! Use that Reiki. Let it flow, get to know it, feel it, don’t feel it, observe, trust, allow, receive, be open, and mostly be grateful. 

Ways You Can Practice Reiki
  1. Reiki yourself
  2. Reiki your home
  3. Reiki your kids
  4. Reiki your family
  5. Reiki your friends
  6. Reiki your pets
  7. Reiki your food
  8. Send Reiki to anyone, or anything you see. =) 
  9. Reiki Distant Healing
  10. Get to know your intuition.

Now many ask if you should charge. That is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with. I opted for donations, some made me food, we traded work, and some just gave me gifts. Others allowed me to practice and experiment doing weekly reiki for a month to them for free because I felt that was for my own information.

The goal is to be able to integrate the Reiki energy with your alchemy and master one’s self through Reiki. 

Reiki Distant Healing Practice

Reiki Distant Healing is magical. But just like any other practice, you also should practice sending distant healing. The experience is alot different and hits on a spiritual level. 

From what I’ve learned is that distant healing heals within to external and direct reiki contact, heals on a physical level to the spiritual level. It just kinda sips in that way. 

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