About the Divine Healing Codes

About the Divine Healing Codes

I wanted to give you some insights on why I chose to share the Divine Healing Codes on my site. Through my awakening process, people have mentioned emotion codes, healing codes, quantum healing, and how letters and numbers carry their own frequency. Quite interesting, I thought to myself. So as I searched deeper into these codes and what kind of healings they offer, I ran into these Divine Healing Codes.

I was curious as to whether they work or not. It is a quite fascinating theory. So for my first time, I was home by myself, it was late at night and I’m excited that I ran into these numbers. The person who got these numbers were somehow associated with Reiki, and I know Reiki works, so I was thrilled to see what these numbers can really do.

So I was home by myself, wearing some cute shorts jammies, as I scroll down the site page, I got a pen in my hand, but no paper anywhere, I wrote the numbers on my legs. I didn’t only write one, I wrote like 7-8 numbers. Immediately, my leg, where I had written the number down, had a cool minty feeling to it. Not only that, all of a sudden I felt like I drank tons of coffee. I was wired! I was awake and energized. And guess what it worked!

So just in case I wasn’t imagining this whole thing, I started letting my friends and family about the Divine Healing Codes and for them to try it. I explained to them the theory behind it. To many, it seemed painless and without hesitation they scrolled through the pages looking for their own specific codes that would apply to them. Everyone concurred with the cooling feeling effect. Many had told me, it works and it helps. Many was skeptical and won’t admit the numbers worked but will admit there’s something to it.

So I wanted to share these Divine healing codes to all of you by also putting it on my website. I’ve had many feedback that it has helped them. So I do hope it helps you! I’d love to hear your feedback and your experience.

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