Becoming An Empath

Becoming An Empath

Growing up I never really understood ‘Empathy’. I grew up in a family that wasn’t so emotionally mindful or aware. Just thinking about that I feel that with such background, it can easily stunt ones empathic abilities or ability to empathize.

My empathic abilities really heightened up soon after I had my first born and continued to expand further after I started dabbling into Reiki healing, meditations and the unseen. If you think about it, empathy goes deeper than what is seen, it’s having compassion for the unseen.

One beautiful day, at a busy home hardware store, I walked in determined to get some of my home projects done. After a few minutes into my shopping, I was stopped to my tracks. I started feeling like I couldn’t breathe. The world around me started feeling rather wavy and if I’m to mistaken, it was as if it was spinning. My heart started pounding, my body was shaking, and all sorts of emotions came flowing through me, and I stood there in the middle of this store, with my eyes closed, just trying to breathe slowly to pace my heart and the tremors that came crawling within me. I could not move for what seemed like a long time. When I felt the energy that came rushing through me calm down and release, I made my move and I ran out of there as fast as I could. I got out to my car bawling my eyes out. I didn’t really understand what was happening at the time. So much mixed emotions was circling within my being. It took me a few minutes to compose myself, my heart felt so broken. So it’s safe to say I was in a bit of shock!

I knew dabbling Into Reiki would open me up to all sorts of stuff, and I was ready and open to experience new stuff. But the universe gave me experiences that was unknown to me. I knew this whole new experience required a sense of transformation within me. I was open to it. I was learning but this moment just blew my mind away.

Becoming an empath, I started being very mindful and aware of my emotions. I became hyper-vigilant to my own emotions. In order for me to understand the massive flow of energy that came slamming through me, I had to make sure I knew which ones are my energy. Which ones are my feelings and emotions. I figured If I can distinguish my own energetic states, I can easily figure out which one is not mine.

It took me a while to go back to any store. I did what I do best, I went into hermit mode. I was unsure and fearful to take on all that massive energy and emotions again. I took that time to center myself and my energy, I aligned and further explored my truth, my emotions, and my energy. And I did a lot of meditations to help me get back on my feet, know myself so I can take on this empathic ability.

When I finally got the strength I went to a lot of stores. I got crazy! I enjoyed the crowded ones. I had to flex my muscle on this empathic ability and I was not gonna let this energy take over me like that.

I was recommended different crystals to wear to protect my energy. I was shown different ways to protect my energy space. And I tried all of them. I believe they all worked! But I felt I wasn’t getting the proper mastery I needed when I was using such protections. I had to meet these energies head on and go from there. I figured as long as I knew who I was in all energetic ways, I would know which energy and emotions are not mine.

I had to learn to breathe through emotions and energies I cannot understand. I had to learn that it wasn’t my feelings nor energy I was picking up or taking into my space. We naturally all connect and mesh together in this life, so I didn’t want to isolate myself. I had to learn to dwell in the light and in the dark. There are days where I am exhausted and beaten just by being around people. I knew that took practice, so I practiced until I am able to preserve my energy from being drained and sucked. I was mastering my own domain with this empathic ability that allows a smooth meshing of energy. I didn’t want to avoid certain people or situations due to my perceived dark or heavy energy. I wanted to be around them without them dimming my light. I know I wasn’t given this gift If I couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t meant to isolate me. Becoming and empath is to connect me deeper with people to help heal deeper wounds and integrate them to unconditional love.

I knew this was a gift. To be able to empathize with anybody, it would be a dishonor to judge and criticize. This gift is given to people so we can be a source of unconditional love to others. Unconditional love is the most powerful healer there is.

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