About The Author

Founder and Creator-Reiki Master Mary J

Hello, I am a Reiki Master Teacher-Healer. I delved into Reiki, at first, using it as alternative healing for me in 2015, and since then my world has been forever changed. Through dedication and practice, I was able to attain abilities beyond my wildest dream. It’s been quite a journey. I hope that through this website I will be able to provide you with information that will help give you clarity through your path of enlightenment.

To assist and provide resource for your enlightenment

I created this site so that I am able to share the experiences, knowledge, and wisdom I had witnessed, observed, and continue to learn in this journey to spirituality and metaphysics. I do hope that this site will serve as a good resource for you and serve to give you guidance and clarity with your own journey.

Private sessions for various quantum healing & Psychic Readings. Enlightenment Courses/Workshops. Reiki Courses and Certification. Coaching and Friendship.

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