Crown Chakra 101

Crown Chakra 101

Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

The seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra, Sahasrara, or the Thousand Petal Lotus is the energy center that allows you to connect to your higher self and universal consciousness. It connects you to the eternal part of yourself that goes beyond the ego.  

It exists in everything and everywhere, and it is what connects us to every single sentient beings in the universe.

This is the one energy center within the 7 chakra system that is outside of your physical body on the top of your head. It is beyond a chakra and is where universal energy and higher consciousness enters into your energetic system.

How to Know if the Crown Chakra is Out of Balance

When the crown chakra is balanced, the illusion of separation falls away. You recognize the unity and oneness in your connection with all things and being in the universe. 

You will feel a deep connection with a higher power, Divine Source… and centered in a healthy sense of Spirituality and connection with the Infinite. 

This chakra is the seat, the source of universal energy. It is infinite and does not have an end. This is why you can never exist and be present in the physical world when your consciousness energy is unbalanced.

When this chakra is open and clear, you know that you are never alone. 

Underactive Crown Chakra

An underactive crown chakra leads people to be ego-driven. Seeing the body as all there is to life and the resulting consequences for that is a survival mentality. Someone with an underactive Crown Chakra may feel disconnected from the Divine or doubt that there is any higher power at all.

A blocked or underactive crown may cause feeling disconnected from spirit and even be angry at God or feeling abandoned. 

When this chakra is out of balance, you may experience mental fog, fatigue, boredom, materialism, elitism, and entitlement. You will have symptoms of ego-driven thoughts and behavior.  

Overactive Crown Chakra

If you have an overactive chakra, you’re likely to feel disconnected from your body. If your purpose is to work alongside others and spiritual things become overly dominant in your life or an obsession even, this can interfere with that mission, and you may need to bring some balance into this chakra. 

Being spacey, ungrounded, and lacking purpose and focus are additional symptoms of an overactive crown.

Chakra Healing for the Crown Chakra

Healing for the crown chakra involves opening the crown chakra. You can heal the crown chakra with these practices.


Connect with spirit through daily meditation. Visualize a golden light surrounding your crown chakra. Let this light fill and recharge your spiritual and physical bodies. Open yourself up to being connected with the divine. Let go of the fear of that connection and be open to the experiences. 


– I am an open and expanded being

– I am connected to the divine

– It is safe to receive divine guidance

– I trust that guidance will come when I need it

– I am an expansion

– I am universally connected to all

Use Chakra Stones and Essential Oils for the Crown Chakra

Stones associated with the crown chakra

– Moonstone

– Clear Quartz

– Amethyst

– Charoite

– Howlite

– Selenite

– Rutilated quartz

Essential oils for the crown chakra: 

– Rose

– Helichrysum

– Cedarwood

– Lime

– Myrrh

– Cedarwood

– Sandalwood

– Lavender

– Gurjum

– Jasmine

Additional Tips

Remember that you are not just a human being but also a spiritual being.

Take care of your physical needs as well as your spiritual needs. 

Each day, give yourself that gift of getting in touch with spirituality and honor your process, your journey by being patient, and loving to yourself.

Look for ways to help others and connect yourself with those around you. 

Become aware of when your ego flares up.

Practice prayer. This doesn’t have to be any particular way, do what feels right for you. 

Regularly bask in the light of the sunset, feel the light recharge your being. 

Stargaze, or bask in the light of the moon.

Chant the mantra OM, and feel your connection to higher consciousness opening above your head.

Symbol and Symbolism

The symbol of the crown chakra includes a small circle surrounded by 1000 petals. 

This represents the full blossoming of consciousness. 

The crown chakra symbolizes consciousness energy, highest wisdom, purity, devotion, trust, happiness, and oneness.

Location of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It flows from between the eyes and moving upward and outward, which then connects you to the universe’s infinite energy.


Violet-white is the color of the crown chakra.

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