Pursuit Of Oneness Podcast

Pursuit Of Oneness Podcast Host

Mary J Hawpe

Podcast Creator & Host

Guidance, tips, and tricks on how to be more mindful and aware through your awakening and ascension process to spiritual enlightenment. Open-minded discussion and exploration of the multi-dimensional aspects and experiences of the human consciousness. The science to self-mastery and energy healing. Oneness and Christ consciousness. Many guests talk about different perspectives, interpretations, and beliefs that empower oneness.


I am truly grateful to have these beautiful people on the podcast show to share their spiritual inner journey experiences, their beauty, their struggles, how they found their light on their path, and how they are now making a difference in people's lives.

liz jarred

Liz Jarrard

Reiki Master, Writer & Philosopher

Reiki ART Master, Student of various theology and philosophies. Intrigued by Human Design, Astrology, Ancestral work, and Tarot.

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Haley Calderwood

Owner/Founder of Ella Life

She is a spiritual intuitive, coach and mentor for eight years now. She is an energy healer, and business guru. She is quite humorous.

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Pursuit of oneness guest ronda deyoung

Ronda DeYoung

Reiki Master & Quantum Healing

Personal Frequency Coding For Healing & Manifestation. Restructuring DNA with your own personal frequency coding.

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Guest Nance Ciasca on Pursuit of Oneness Podcast

Nance Ciasca

Author and Healer

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Aroma-therapist, Spiritual Mentor, educator, speaker and author of the book, "Unleash Your Curiosity". She specializes in guiding clients to their highest self. At the heart of Nance's coaching and speaking work is her signature 'Body Awareness Movement Spirit' Method of wellness.

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