What It Was Like To Get My Etheric Wings: My Story

What It Was Like To Get My Etheric Wings: My Story

I felt a burning hot sensation behind me and it seemed to be wrapped around my spine. It started from the middle of my back and slowly yet quickly climbed up my spine. Of course this was all happening during my hands-on training at my Usui-Holy Fire Reiki Masters class, just right after my Ignition. I felt a bit frozen just keeping my hands on my classmate I’m practicing Reiki on, I looked around and every one was minding their own business, looking all peaceful and zen. I looked at my Coach trying to signal her to come over, so I can ask her if this burning sensation up the spine thing I’m feeling is normal. She looks at me with a smile and nods, totally disregarding the freak out face I’m trying to signal her in on. But I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t speak in between the deep breaths I was doing to keep myself calm.

I think to myself, No one told me about this!

This energy was not subtle at all. I honestly started getting scared. As it makes it way up my spine, I started praying immediately, asking God to forgive me If I messed up and shouldn’t have signed up for this class, asking him what’s going on with my back and to keep me safe and protected. I just tried to maintain breathing to keep the energy flowing and not hurt me.

I just kept my eyes closed, slow breaths, as this burning sensation makes it way up my back, to my neck and to the middle of my head. The burning just kinda stopped and lingered in the back of my head and felt less intense. Trying not to freak out, I just waited to see what’s going to happen next. This all happened in like minutes but it literally felt like hours, I was surprised the bell hasn’t rang for us to change spots.

With my eyes closed, it was as if someone had turned on some lights. I opened my eyes to check around where that light might have came from instinctually, and there was no lighting changes whatsoever. As soon as I close my eyes again, I noticed that light again. I opened my eyes and super weird at that time, I saw in my peripheral vision a glimpse of a glowing light and what seemed to be shaped as a wing. I came alert and looked behind me. I’m thinking wtf???

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As I close my eyes, I just continued to just focus on having Jesus wit me during this very strange moment, and not knowing what to or who was behind me glowing. As I let go of my fears and came into full awareness of this glow behind me, It was beautiful, golden glow, soft, big and strong. A masculine energetic voice came to my ears and said, “You got your wings.”

My natural reaction was to open my eyes and look back if someone was messing with me, but sudden veil of peace surrounded me, just laid upon me. It was like my body immediately integrated with this multi-dimensional wing.

The wings looks massive. I’ve been told by few psychic who have actually seen it or sense it or perceive have told me how big it is. Yes, golden glow to it. It was really heavy on my back at first. I think it was only heavy on my back when I still carried the energy of resistance to it.

I think I was just really processing the whole experience with my human brain and logical self. It didn’t say, you got your angel wings. It just said wings. The possibilities. I do know what it looks like and based on what other people have drawn and illustrated it kinda looks like a feathery angel wings. But I am not an expert on wings.

I hadn’t even ever heard of anyone getting their wings, and what can I really do with this. Is this just symbolic message? Is this where we are heading? People walking around with their wings? I think it’s cool but can this really be? It’s like an X-Men movie.

woman standing in front of a street art wall

I didn’t think much about it as I go about my daily lives, but I did notice that when I’ve finally allow myself to just let go of any notion or idea about this wing, it was when it showed me it’s magic. It would flex my muscles in my back as if it was moving At times it felt heavy. It’s so surreal to me.

As I am able to really talk more about this and actually do research on-line, found out the wings I got were my etheric wings.

The Research I’ve Found In Regards To Etheric Wings Based On Esoteric Teachings

Etheric wings are a fascinating and enigmatic concept that is commonly found in esoteric teachings and spiritual practices. According to many esoteric traditions, etheric wings are a symbol of our spiritual potential and represent the ability to transcend the physical limitations of our earthly existence. 

The concept of etheric wings can be traced back to ancient spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, which believed that humans possess an etheric body, also known as the astral body or the subtle body. This etheric body is believed to be composed of subtle energy that is responsible for our emotions, thoughts, and consciousness. It is also believed to be the vehicle through which we can experience the spiritual realm.

In esoteric teachings, etheric wings are often associated with the concept of ascension, which is the process of transcending our physical existence and connecting with higher levels of consciousness. This process is often described as a journey that requires us to develop our spiritual awareness and awaken our inner potential. Etheric wings are seen as a symbol of this process, representing our ability to rise above the mundane and reach higher levels of consciousness.

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Esoteric teachings also suggest that etheric wings are not just a metaphorical symbol, but a real and tangible aspect of our spiritual body. They are said to be located on the back of our etheric body, corresponding to the position of our physical wings. They are believed to be made of subtle energy and are often described as being delicate and translucent.

Esoteric teachings also suggest that the development of etheric wings is a gradual process that requires dedication and effort. It is not something that can be achieved overnight, but rather a journey that requires consistent practice and a deep commitment to our spiritual growth. By working with our etheric wings, we can develop a greater awareness of our spiritual potential and enhance our ability to connect with the spiritual realm.

Additional Information I’ve Found Elsewhere

  • Angelic wings that represent the ability to fly in the higher dimensions of spirit.
  • They are an indication of a level of spiritual advancement, and the ability to anchor the higher divine light of the angelic and celestial realms into the physical.
  • They do not appear physically, OF COURSE, but you may sense them with your physical body. A warm, tingling sensation may develop along the upper part of your spine or you may feel the energy that will become your wings gathering behind you.
  • They also offer a sort of energetic protection for you within the physical realm. Light wings have your back in this way. They’re like an extension of your aura and can protect against detrimental energies and negativity that may be thrown your way, behind your back, or outside of your awareness.

It’s been a few years now and to this day, I am learning a new ways to use my wings. I have spent a lot of time flying in the multi-dimensional realm, learning my way around, and understanding my experiences. Thank God my friends have been so nice to let me experiment and play around with this ability and the results has been rather surprising, magical and surreal! My intuitive self is rather a quick learner to this amazing, magical experience but my logical, human self, needs time to process. I am getting better, however, so we are making progress!

I’d love to hear your Etheric Wings Stories. Contact me or comment below. And please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE =) Thank you for sharing!

I am so grateful for all the people that has reached out to me to share their experiences as they got their wings, I have felt alone through it hence writing this blog and I am truly grateful to know that I’m not alone. I truly enjoyed hearing your etheric wing stories.

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6 thoughts on “What It Was Like To Get My Etheric Wings: My Story

  1. I’m learning Reiki 1 tomorrow and I kept feeling the urge to look further into my wings. I’ve spoken of my wings since I was a little girl. When I had my past life regression I cried because I didn’t want to come to Earth so badly lol. And throughout high school if I drank I would talk about the wings and only being here to ‘help people’ Finally now at the age of 30 I realize that I’m not crazy <3 I've been tuning into my wings now for a while and intuitive abilities are flying into my grasp <3 🙂

    1. Hello friend, so awesome to connect with you. Yes they exist which will allow you to travel multi-dimensionally. Specially once all is awaken you’ll be more aware of your flights. How was the Reiki Class?

  2. Mine just came in all the way in a spiritual session today , I was told they where coming in and she assisted with it.This was the first time I’ve ever heard of wings .The rest of the day I began to feel them.Any suggestions on literature about them ? Or any advice ? Thanks !

  3. I had a Golden Ray Attunement class last night and just glanced over my shoulder and my wings were there. Huge white, beautiful wings. I was so surprised.. There wasn’t a “coming in” phase. I’m kind of awed by the experience.

  4. Hey Goddess… I am coming to you because over the weekend a new friend of mine that got to hang out at my house. And while he was there he told got super excited because he saw my wings. He has only seen his own and to him his appear tattered and weathered and have a spike on them. I picture Maleficent’s wings when he speaks on his. However he said mine were really big in terms of wingspan but they looked like Eagle wings to him. I told him I grew up visualizing myself as a California Condor. Flying over the Sierra Madres mountains. Condors have wingspans that can be over 10ft wide. I have two beliefs that lead me to this knowing that I had/have wings. I believe myself to be an Andromedan Starseed that was/is an Incarnated Violet Flame Angel. Myriads of reasons for those beliefs lol. The thing is… I can FEEL the weight of them. I am repeatedly having to stretch my shoulder blades because the weight puts strain back there.

    Do you know anything about someone having birdlike wings? And if so, have you heard of them turning to wings of Light with higher levels of Vibration and Ascension?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. That is amazing. Angel wings come off seemingly as huge bird wings. For a couple years I had to adjust to these wings, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have realized that I can fly dimensions and time. And they help protect and shield me. From my experience through our own healing and helping others, we vibe the wings to higher light. I do believe the height of vibe you can fly depends on how you continue align with your heart. And flying with these wings take practice, uncontrol and patience. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to hear more

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