Dowsing with a Pendulum

Dowsing with a Pendulum

Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate groundwater, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, malign ‘earth vibrations’, and many other objects and materials without the use of a scientific apparatus. Dowsing is a pseudoscience.

I hope you are enjoying your Pendulum! Did you know that there are extra tools you can have when it comes to using the pendulum as a divinity tool?  I do hope you enjoy these extra tools to help you gain clarity using your pendulum.

Have You Heard of Pendulum Charts?

The Pendulum Charts is a system that can guide one on a journey successfully with knowing all parts of your life. The PENDULUM Charts; All new updated 50 quality cover stock charts, laminated cover, and spiral binding cover all aspects of health and healing, everyday decision-making, and intuitive problem-solving.

You can easily make your own chart by printing out a half-circle template and writing some of the possible answers to your questions. You can also have numbers on it so you can get someone’s phone number.

Pendulum Stand

After so many questions, it is rather tiring to hold a pendulum without moving it. I normally will limit my questions but there are those that can and will ask many questions to puzzle somethings together and that is why they invented the pendulum stand. These stands are amazing. You can use them to hold your pendulum while you dowse or you can use them to store your pendulum on. 

Once you start collecting more and more pendulum, there are many DIY pendulums  stand out there. I have a couple of friends who have special boxes for their pendulums or clothed bags. 

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