Unleash your curiosity with Nance Ciasca

Unleash your curiosity with Nance Ciasca

On another episode on the podcast, I had the chance to have Nance Sodon Ciasca on the show! She discussed her signature Body Awareness Movement Spirit method of wellness (BAMS) approach that helped heal her autoimmune disease. How this approach has also served as a foundation for the purpose-driven life.

I met Nance at a local store called Synchronicities, an amazing store, amazing people. I held some private readings and some workshops over there. Whenever Nance was there, she was always so mindful of some of the details I had overlooked setting up workshops, etc. She definitely had a strong personality yet, In that strong personality there’s a sweetness to her.

She really just wanted to help me out and it really did help me out. There are so many details when setting up workshops and private reading etc, and she was so kind as to help me make sure I had provided the essential information needed for my students and clients and advised me of things I did not even think about. It was a learning curve for me, so at that point, those moments she cared and said something to me, she was mentoring me.

As I got to know her a little bit more, and as I got to know more of her history and background, she was inspiring. We all take a different journey to the pursuit of oneness, however, her journey was a facet I know people will find fascinating, helpful, and inspiring because I sure did! So, I was so glad when she agreed to do the podcast with me. We had a great time. She gave some really good insights, tips, and guidance to matters we all deal with on a daily basis.

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Listen to Nance Ciasca on Pursuit Of Oneness Podcast

Guest Nance Ciasca on Pursuit of Oneness Podcast

Nance Ciasca is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Aroma-therapist, Spiritual Mentor, educator, speaker and author of the book, “Unleash Your Curiosity”. She specializes in guiding clients to their highest self. At the heart of Nance’s coaching and speaking work is her signature ‘Body Awareness Movement Spirit’ Method of wellness. Nance developed the BAMS approach as a solution to balancing her own autoimmune disease, and found, in the process, that it also has the capacity to serve as the foundation for the purpose-driven life. 

For more information on Nance Ciasca: www.nanceciasca.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/essentiallyyounanceciasca

Instagram: @Nsciasca 

Youtube Channel: Nance Ciasca

Contact her via e-mail: Nance.Ciasca@gmail.com

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