Personal Frequency Coding for Healing with Ronda DeYoung

Personal Frequency Coding for Healing with Ronda DeYoung

I’m so excited to introduce to you guys my guest Ronda DeYoung on the Pursuit of Oneness Podcast. Besides being such a wonderful person and a friend, Ronda is full of information.

I met Ronda when she was referred by a friend to get a reading with me. She initially came to try and fill in the gaps in her family genealogy research. After the reading we got talking some more, she fascinated me with her knowledge and research and was able to fill in some of my gaps when it came to my time with Jesus in the past life. I really enjoyed her vibe. Soon after that, she came to me for a Reiki Session.

In her Reiki Session, she had asked me to tell her something about herself that I don’t know, which is pretty much everything since I’ve only been acquainted with her a two times. So I know she was curious, fascinated and testing me. I closed my eyes while I was on her solar plexus and took a deep breath and asked to show me something about her. I told her what I was seeing. She confirmed that I was seeing her living room wall. And it was history from there.

Pursuit of oneness guest ronda deyoung

Ronda DeYoung – Personal Frequency Coding For Healing & Manifestation. Restructuring DNA with your own personal frequency coding.

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