Healing Codes For Animals: Safe And Gentle Combinations To Rejuvenate Healing

Healing Codes For Animals: Safe And Gentle Combinations To Rejuvenate Healing

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For All Animals

29 56 7892156for abused animals
29 58 734for wound care for animals
21 76 9654321for animals who suffer from malnutrition
86 55 158for the wild animals to have their habitat increase
33 37 899(human code is safe for animals) for removal of parasites, worms, and also etheric attachments/parasites
96 76 269for ear fungus and mites
42 92 532for dry skin itching
81 50 561for skin sensitivity from friction and loss of fur or hair

Keep In Mind…

The use of divine healing codes is at your own risk. Consult a licensed healthcare professional before use. The provider assumes no liability for any adverse reactions or losses. By using these codes, you accept full responsibility for your health.

For Bees

21 71 2156 43to stabilize bee colonies
21 98 5792to increase bee nutrition
71 21 9681for removal of Varroa mites and parasites specific to bees
81 91 271 58 to increase bee reproduction
91 62 5543 21 to neutralize the harmful effects of chemicals on bee life

For Cats

21 76 582for assisting with hair balls
92 72 821for feline lower urinary tract infection
51 28 765 for feline eye problems
08 19 541 for feline dental calculus
58 22 237 to encourage healthy eating in domestic felines

For Canines: all dogs domestic and those found in Nature such as foxes, coyotes, wolves, dingos, and similar

22 50 967for excessive barking
66 77 232for kennel cough concurrent with vaccination
42 75 995for hot spots
28 78 562for bad breath when all dental care is up-to-date
91 52 701 for distemper concurrent with vaccination
01 62 615 for canine mange
55 65 792for rabies in humans and animals when there is no medical or veterinary help available

For Unwanted Pests

99 96 913for termites (as long as it is not in your life script to experience them)

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