Healing Codes to Elevate your Glow Up!

Healing Codes to Elevate your Glow Up!

Introduction to Divine Healing Codes and How to use them

Self Help Healing Codes

99 69 158for feelings of abandonment
28 34 515for alertness while staying up late at work
66 82 121for anger
55 65 569for those who experience anger management issues, and for those who are around them (this can be given to someone who is yelling at everybody–just think it)
92 03 179for anorexia of all causes
456 923 8484 79256 to assist with the breaking of bad habits
53 14 80853for betrayal and the wounds of betrayal
55 16 987for spiritual protection from bullies
45 892 456 7478 69925clears negative emotions
45 32 246 for confidence
99 61 378for consolation and comfort to the soul that only Divine Mother can give
11 21 222for courage
45 826 9994 5789to enhance creative flow and inspiration
33 72 413for dyslexia and other learning disorders
16 23 948to rise above chaos, confusion, distraction and delay
28 34 515for alertness while staying up late at work
24 868 5492for a boost of energy (only use once a day)
91 97 865to restore, rebalance, and re-energize all the body’s symptoms for one who experiences the sequelae of acute or chronic sleep deprivation
823 494 7815 72954to activate your True Potential
55 59 627for when you are completely empty of hope and need Divine Assistance to help you continue on your journey
83 48 806for endurance, to persevere, to run the race to win

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16 16 714for ease in adapting to what is new–to embrace change and welcome it!
31 76 981 for ease in interpreting group social dynamics and how to navigate them
42 58 725for fear
45 88 623for focus
22 26 980for focus and mental clarity
33 45 10101for forgiveness
21 46 015for the psychological ‘freeze’ response to trauma when it becomes habitual
51 86 923for grounding
10 22 58 725 49633for guilt and/or shame
65 62 792  for harmony, forgiveness and resolution after conflict with others
25 67 993to have fun! and a more positive outlook
96 55 178to have hope flow from you to others in a group, no matter how large–your energy will not be exhausted as Heaven will support your efforts and deliver hope through you to the rest, and your own hope will further increase.
24 824 9625to increase motivation
51 56 886to increase motivation where there is little to none
89 76 548for indecision
23 65 189to make steps forward when there is hesitance as a habitual response which is ingrained by society; to release from the grip of self-doubt
10 42 7896to enhance sleep quality
11 21 495for insomnia that is of long-standing
56 17 112for insomnia that is situational, due to noise, travel, heat
80 80 561for hesitance of those who wait and linger to turn into confidence, assuredness, with a healthy and balanced will that is egoless
56 11 213for memories to erase what is not right for you; for what brings you down
21 346 922for jealousy
99 61 546to assist in job loss and job recovery (to heal)
11 96 888for low self-esteem to become healthy self-image
64 07 991for nail-biting,  hair pulling, and other obsessive-compulsive type anxiety behaviors
57 11 936for nightmares
96 15 646for students, employees, parents, and self-employed who endure overwork
72 84 555for panic attacks
29 37 651for chronic disorganization and procrastination
42 84 899for enhanced ability to be patient
96 41 327for patience in hardship
76 33 121for problematic thoughts
18 62 398to be more professional in demeanor and in outlook
19 66 551for public speaking anxiety
12 215 987 6412releases excess energy
56 11 926 to help parents whose children are in adolescence–to cope with the effect (moods) they present
22 21 568to lift resentment and to exchange it with the vibration of peace
1323 498 725to reverse a bad attitude (change negativity to love)
84 72 167or self-love and self-worth to increase to optimum healthy levels
51 34 581to shine one’s light brightly no matter what is going on in their life experience
04 73 732 to help stay restrained when everything tests you
13 13 514for stress relief/relaxation
05 50 561 to calm down stress
24 27 483restart (it is like pushing the ‘restart’ button–gives you a fresh start every time you use it and it can be used as many times as you like to get you through your day)
25 39 561 615to hope for a better life in all ways and welcome the new
03 05 791for everything to happen for the best and to trust that this is happening for no other reason than this
21 21 817for willingness to face new challenges and an interest to fully enjoy what the Life Experience has to offer
35 42 888for willpower
73 75 766for your wounded inner child to be given the grace to communicate its needs to you so healing may begin
96 13 756to assist transsexuals, transvestites, and those who are currently struggling with gender identity in all steps of the transgender experience
44 70 831 to enhance a spirit of discovery, adventure and zest for life
22 33 586for social outcasts to feel the Love and support of the Divine
51 56 321 for those who are overwhelmed and feel ‘everything coming at them at once from all directions’
32 485 7852 to prevent and/or release emotional attachment to others’ expressions
16 36 893to reverse the effects of exposure to violence in media, television and films
45 36 812 for hopelessness and despair
443 792 854 61523for suicidal thoughts, impulses and ideation
82 19 576for cyber bullying victims
22 26 111for pediatric and adolescent depression
15 28 051in situations where parents ‘push’ their children to excel or perform in some way, for the child to endure this suffering with resilience and strength, and for the ‘pushing’ to abate
81 87 591for those who witness suicide or discover the body
88 22 531for those who are the target of hate because they are ‘different’–for the strength to survive and the will to endure
51 56 931   for those who cut themselves or injure themselves in any way
22 33 586for social outcasts to feel the Love and support of the Divine
51 56 321for those who are overwhelmed and feel ‘everything coming at them at once from all directions’

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