How-To-Use Divine Healing Codes

How-To-Use Divine Healing Codes


The Divine Healing Codes are undergoing an update and revision as requested by Marc Gamma, originator of the first codes. We are also working to release an app to help you look up codes as well as keep a list of codes which are important to you.

The Divine Healing Codes were first given in 2014 from Archangel Raphael.  They are maintained by me, I am the keeper of the codes, due to my medical training .

There are two ways to use the Divine Healing Codes: The Original Way and the Alternative, simpler  Way.  Each is described below.

Both ways the healing is accomplished through the combination of three energy fields:

  • 1) That of Divine Mother (and Archangel Raphael) which is unchanging   
  • 2) That of the Collective Consciousness of all beings present on Earth which is continuously and exponentially rising
  • 3) the energy field of the one using the codes which is variable.

The codes are safe for all life forms on Earth (with the exception of two traditional ones which carry a caution statement in BOLD at the bottom of the page) and are completely and harmoniously compatible with all other forms of healing methods and techniques.

Traditional Way To Use The Divine Healing Code

  1. Search for a code using your heart center and intuition–it must ‘feel right’ and resonate with you
  2. Write the code in this format 22 22 222 (two numbers, space, two numbers, space, three numbers) on the skin. If the code has a different format copy it and the spaces exactly. I recommend using the finger or a crystal point as spirit can see the codes no matter what. Any part of the body will do.
  3. Write the code again, in the air just hovering above the skin where you have written it. This applies it to the aura. 
  4. Repeat once daily or as often as guided by your intuition
  5. If the healing is compatible with the Pre-Birth Contract, it may happen over any time frame, from near instant to required dedication and effort over a period of time.  Also note it is highly important to match the diagnosis with the condition for the Divine Healing Codes to be most effective.

Alternative & Easier Way To Use The Divine Healing Codes

  1. Require a commitment to the path of the heart–read two links: Healing Codes for new age… Part 1  and Healing Codes for new age… Part 2
  2. Decide in your heart if you are willing to make this commitment
  3. Use the one code provided for everything you wish to heal in the same manner as above, writing on the skin and then the aura.
Special Note–the Divine Healing Codes will not supersede, override, erase, negate or conflict with any life experiences which are written into the Life Script and agreed to in the Pre-Birth Contract. When this situation is encountered the codes will not work. This has to do with the importance of meeting the requirements of the Pre-Birth Contract.

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