Reiki and Conscious Breathing

Reiki and Conscious Breathing

I came across some lessons from my majestic posse, so I wanted to share the experience and the lesson and wisdom I gained. Thanks for reading. 

My day started out great! I got to wake my kids up and get them ready for school and make them breakfast. It’s something I don’t normally get to do on days they were supposed to be with their father. But since they had a bit of stomach ache, they both decided to stay with me instead. They need mommy when they’re sick. It’s cute! I’m flattered and grateful because I love them so much.

On the way out of their school, I noticed that my car gage was all the way to HOT! So I did a few stops to try and calm it down, but it didn’t work… So I just started driving and prayed my way home. It was only a few miles, and with God’s mercy, I got home safely with little smoke from my engine.

I was actually supposed to bring my son’s project back to him that he had forgotten and I didn’t get to do that. That’s such a bummer, he looked so awed that I was willing to run back home and turn around to bring his project to him. It was my fault he forgot it… we got talking etc… anyways… I’m sure the teacher and he will understand. I hope.

So I decided to get my sh*t together early into the day and I just had a session yesterday, so I decided to put my massage table away and my finger got caught as I fold the damn thing. Excuse my language, but it was painful and for some reason I didn’t know what to do and I kinda just let my finger be stuck. It throbbed so bad. Then a second later, my angels came to help me get my finger unstuck, I’m sure of it! Somehow, I just intuitively knew how to move the massage table so I can remove my finger. And boy, I sat there for like 30 seconds to a minute trying to breathe through the pain and it just throbbed more and more. It didn’t help. 

I know, at this point, you are probably wondering where is this reiki and conscious breathing involved in this story. Well, thank you for your patience, here we are…

After suffering for what seemed to be more than 30 seconds, I remembered, duh! I have reiki. So I chanted the symbols and held my finger with my other hand. I really believe that I was being guided to do what I’m about to do next. It definitely answers some of my questions.  

I decided to take a look at it using my third eye. So I looked down on my fingers and closed my eyes. My reiki has probably been flowing for about a minute and two and my finger or to better describe it my nail, was still hurting. I even feel a little burn sensation. I justify that with purging or something but to be honest with you I was not impressed. So that’s when I was prompted to take a look behind the scene.

Okay, my eyes are close and I’m directing my energy to look at my finger and my other hand holding it and reiki flowing. I’ve done this before with my student. I use it as a tool for training. I am able to see reiki energy flow through your transparent body when I close my eyes. I know, it’s x-men stuff but soon enough, you too can attain such abilities.

So I noticed reiki was just taking its sweet little time flowing out of my hands. Normally at this point, the light energy of reiki has engulfed my hand and should have engulfed my finger too. Yes, you can say I sound impatient, but I guess, at this point, my finger was throbbing and the healing was just not happening fast enough. And I’m sure people in pain and seek for healing is probably thinking and feeling the same thing. It’s that sense of urgency I felt inside me that totally judged my own reiki.

But within this dynamic, I learned something very important that every Reiki practitioner should be very aware of and I truly hope that it helps you expand upon your healing and healing abilities. 

Well great! I realized I wasn’t breathing. I know that sounds nuts, but if you take the time to pay attention to your breathing at moments when you’re too much in your head or trying to figure something out, there will be a time where you will stop breathing, unconsciously. I was so focused and eager to see what I would see and for my finger pain to go away, I was not breathing. Also because I saw some shadowy energy around my hand and finger. Yah, I know I was creeped out too. So I was in focus on wth is going on.

But yes, you don’t realize you can go for a few seconds without breathing and super shallow breathing, which does not allow Chi and Reiki to flow. So I started doing conscious breathing and clearing my mind. With the first deep breath and even before the second breath, I noticed the reiki energy flowing out of the arm and engulfing my hands and engulfing my finger. As I witness this magic I knew reiki was capable of, I realized my finger had no pain. There was a bit of pressure but no pain at all. It’s almost as if it numbed it up. I took a couple of minutes of conscious breathing and viola! I don’t even remember what happened. Just kidding. Reiki can do that as it heals, it can take away that memory, that imprint. No, but not this one. The pain was gone for sure. But I still remember it clearly, I have to, so I can make sure my finger doesn’t get stuck there again. Now I’m curious to see if my nails will turn black. Keep reading.. 

pursuit of oneness

The lesson is beautiful reiki healers… Thank you for your patience. 

  • Be very conscious of your breathing while using Reiki.
  • With conscious breathing, you are tapping into the flow, therefore opens up the channels to have reiki properly and strongly flow through you.
  • This benefits you and the recipient.  
  • Reiki can obviously work immediately, so to try and tap into that vibe that can break time and space.
  • Do some conscious breathing prior to your client arriving or prior to giving reiki.
  • You can also do some breathing exercise with the client at the beginning of the session.
  • Breathing exercise is a wonderful trick that will help you and the client be in the flow of the chi and Reiki for virtuous healing, and exceptional recovery.
  • Reiki and conscious breathing will help release some existing aches and pains immediately.  
  • Reiki and conscious breathing will put you, as a practitioner, in a zone of calm and peace as you breathe consciously through your sessions.
  • It is recommended that to b me a more effective Reiki or Energy Healer, one needs to be more aware and mindful of their breathing day in, and day out of their life.
  • Conscious breathing gives the body a good flow of light healing chi energies. 
  • Breathe slowly in and breath slowly out is a wonderful rule to help get attain a flow within one’s self. 
  • Add a mix of being grateful and thankful energy within your heart as you practice conscious breathing and you’ll soon if not quickly, witness the magic. 

I’d love to hear from you and your experiences and any added insight to help each other reach our potential. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good day! Come back for more. 

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