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Reiki for Everybody: Healing Across Every Age and Life Stage
Reiki, a form of energy healing, has been gaining popularity among people seeking complementary and alternative therapies for various ailments. From pregnancy to elder care, Reiki can provide numerous benefits for individuals of all ages.
Reiki and Christ Consciousness
Reiki works because it is based on the principle of healing through the transfer of universal energy, which helps to clear blockages and restore balance to the body's energy...
Benefits Of Reiki
Reiki can be used to treat a number of ailments, both physical and emotional. According to its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, the list of benefits that Reiki offers
Reiki Myths
Myth #1 Reiki Is A Religion Reiki absolutely is a spiritual art. The principle teachings of Reiki embrace a life of balance and promotes spiritual growth. But, Reiki
Reiki Treatments
There is simply no limit to the benefits that Reiki can bestow on those who are receptive to it. All of us can benefit from it – and so can our children, our parents and grandparents, and our animal companions. Even skeptical-minded individuals who look cautiously at Reiki can benefit from Reiki if they are willing to explore its possibilities.
Reiki and the Chakras
eiki works on a spiritual level because it prepares the body and mind thus enabling the whole body to prepare for spirit. Once your body and mind are prepared then you can see more clearly, know with certainty, feel with ease, and hear what you need to know.
Reiki After Surgery
Reiki is never a substitute for medical treatment after surgery, but it can be used to supplement this treatment and aid in the healing process. If you choose to participate in Reiki sessions, make sure that your practitioner knows that you have recently had surgery so that he or she can make the appropriate accommodations.
Reiki And Digestive Disorders
Reiki is noninvasive and doesn’t pose any risk to the client. It also causes no side effects. Thus, Reiki can be used in conjunction with virtually any other treatment prescribed by a physician, including medication and other types of therapy.
Reiki And Asthma
Adding Reiki to an asthma treatment regimen offers a variety of different benefits, making it a popular choice among patients.
Reiki for Everybody: Healing Across Every Age and Life Stage

Reiki for Everybody: Healing Across Every Age and Life Stage

Reiki for All Life Stages Reiki enhances the restoration and reinforcement of an individual's life force, commonly referred to as CHI. Irrespective of one's specific