Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments

Dealing with the Skeptics

Approaching new ideas with an ounce or two of healthy skepticism is always a good thing. Common sense provokes us to first scrutinize any new undertaking or belief system. We certainly don’t feel good about our judgment when we fall victim to fantastic or miraculous claims that don’t hold true in the end. It is simply good rational thinking to be cautious of anything being promoted as a “magic pill” or “cure-all remedy,” and it makes perfect sense to be wary of outlandish claims that tout amazing results from using various health products and healing techniques. However, some people don’t question new ideas. They simply reject them out of hand. These people enjoy pointing out flawed notions and poking fun at idealist thinkers. Skeptics consider supporters and devotees of Reiki to be nothing more than a bunch of gullible individuals. Sadly, these people may never have the opportunity to appreciate how Reiki works because of their refusals to give it a try.

Reiki Responds Uniquely to Each Individual

Reiki does not discriminate when it comes to selecting who is deserving of treatment based on what he or she believes. Reiki treats imbalance. Because each person has his or her own specific imbalances, using Reiki will bring about a unique response in each person. This is why explaining how Reiki works to someone who has not experienced it can be so frustrating or difficult. One recipient will report that Reiki is a miraculous healing technique that cured her addiction to nicotine. Another recipient might say that, although his experience with Reiki was relaxing, it didn’t offer a cure. A third recipient’s account of Reiki, again based on her personal experiences, might be something entirely different.

There are many benefits derived from Reiki, but the results of treatments can vary as the result of several different factors:

  • Did the recipient receive only one treatment, or did he or she have cumulative Reiki treatments?
  • How advanced was the recipient’s illness before Reiki treatments were applied?
  • Is a particular imbalance or dis-ease offering a spiritual lesson to the recipient, a lesson that needs to be experienced rather than cured?
  • Were the recipient’s expectations too high, ultimately setting him or her up for failure?
  • How receptive is the recipient to allowing Reiki into his or her body?

Belief and Receptivity

Believing in Reiki and being receptive to Reiki energies are two very different things. Reiki will work whether or not a person believes in it. However, if a person is not receptive to Reiki, consciously or unconsciously its energies will have a tough time penetrating that barrier. This is why some people who truly believe that Reiki will work are disappointed when it appears to have no beneficial effect on them. On the other hand, the skeptics who do not believe Reiki will work may very well experience positive results with Reiki because their bodies are naturally receptive to Reiki’s healing vibrations.

Reiki will treat numerous physical maladies, emotional imbalances, mental disturbances, and spiritual afflictions. Reiki will also extend its healing energies to nurture your environment and strengthen your relationships.

Reiki Benefits Everyone

Reiki’s gift of increased energy and vitality can be extended to anyone. It doesn’t matter what a person’s gender, race, intelligence level, or financial status is. Reiki is not healing energy reserved only for the elite, wealthy, educated, or spiritually evolved. Reiki is free to anyone who wants it. It does not cost anything but a little of your time.

Treating Root Causes

Because Reiki naturally flows to where it is needed, its natural course is to first deal with any apparent symptoms of illness or disease. When Reiki treatments are discontinued after your symptoms have diminished or been eliminated, don’t be surprised if these conditions recur. Reiki will only serve as a Band-Aid if you abandon its use too hastily. Through consistent and continued use of Reiki, the root cause of any given illness can be treated. It is when the root cause is treated fully that Reiki can be called a “cure.”

Benefits of Reiki

The list of benefits that Reiki offers is comprehensive. Basically, Reiki will benefit you by empowering you whenever you feel weakened or downtrodden. Here is a list of some of the specific benefits Reiki offers:

  • Reiki’s calming effects can reduce our anxieties and panicky behavior.
  • It may go to the core of imbalances embedded within our bodies to bring about balance.
  • Pain, stresses, and agitations that are associated with long-term suffering can benefit from cumulative Reiki treatments.
  • Reiki can be safely used in conjunction with all other conventional health practices.
  • Reiki offers the kind of energetic vitality that can spark our innate creativity.
  • Reiki’s ability to awaken and sharpen our psychic perceptions heightens awareness of our dreams.
  • Blessing our foods and drinks with Reiki before consuming them will vitalize and purify them.
  • Reiki’s gentle energies are conducive to comforting anyone who is suffering from grief. It helps the grief process run its course in a calmer or less painful way.
  • Reiki tames discord and trouble, bringing harmony to the recipient or situation that is out of sync.
  • The swiftness of Reiki’s healing properties has demonstrated that it is an effective first-aid treatment for injuries.
  • Reiki will treat emotional wounds and memories that are hurting our inner child.
  • Reiki assists us in letting go of the aspects within our lives that negatively impact us.
  • The manifesting facets of Reiki help to bring our intentions and goals to fruition.
  • Reiki can expedite the body’s natural healing ability reducing the recovery periods that follow surgeries and injuries.
  • Reiki’s relaxing energies can induce sleep and relieve insomnia.
  • Using Reiki may awaken or improve spiritual awareness.
  • Reiki releases toxins. clearing our bodies of impurities and stagnant energies.
  • Reiki will penetrate beyond obvious systematic conditions of the body and treat the underlying causes of illness.
  • Reiki can help you deal with special situations in your life such as exams, job interviews, divorce, career changes, and family illness.

This list could be expanded for several more pages: there is simply no limit to the benefits that Reiki can bestow on those who are receptive to it. All of us can benefit from it – and so can our children, our parents and grandparents, and our animal companions. Even skeptical-minded individuals who look cautiously at Reiki can benefit from Reiki if they are willing to explore its possibilities. For you to reap the full benefits that Reiki has to offer, simply sign up for a Reiki class or start with a Reiki Session.

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