5 Exercises To Practice After Your Reiki Attunement

5 Exercises To Practice After Your Reiki Attunement

This is for those that are just starting out with Reiki. Also, for those that may be curious about Reiki and for those that may need a refresher course to help get you back on track. 

REIKI is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It is the life force universal energy that mostly know as Chi, in its purest form. It is channeled through the Reiki Practitioner’s palms to the recipient. 

If you are unsure on what to do exactly after your Reiki attunement, here are some guidance, direction and exercises you can start with to help build a solid foundation with your relationship with Reiki.  

  1. Be Open.

It is very important that during this beginning phase in your Reiki Attunement that you stay open to receive and open to the possibilities and open to who knows what!? This may seem scary, opening yourself up, but understand you have free will, so if anything scares you or make you feel uncomfortable, please speak up, reclaim your power and exercise and flex your free will power. Reiki has been known to be a graceful healer and also a tool that helps thin the veil for those who seek it. 

Being open allows you to be in the space of less resistance and more In control. This will help you enhance your mindfulness and awareness. It will also help expand your consciousness if you are open to what may come that resonates with you. 

2. Reiki Yourself

There is a get to know your reiki stage that you must make space for. It is important for you to be mindful and aware of how Reiki feels with you. There is an energetic alchemy built between you and your Reiki that allows for your unique energetic healing path. To start with, allow Reiki to flow through you throughout the day, why not? 

Practice activating your Reiki. Practice how you want to turn on and off the Reiki. Come up with your own style. The most important part is if the intentions. Intend Reiki to flow, intend reiki to stop flow. So find your own on and off method. Blink once for on, blink twice for off. This is totally up to you. Have fun with it. 

Reiki yourself. At first use the hand positions you were taught in your Reiki Class. Feel the Reiki flowing out of your palms and how it may feel flowing inside you. It is very important to really get to know how reiki works with you, so that your tag team game is strong. 

A really good exercise to do is Reiki your chakras. Get to know those chakras of yours. Always be mindful of how you feel before or after healing sessions. Give yourself the chance to learn.  From these basic exercises, be open to what the energy Reiki presents you. Try to stay open and a neutral observer. The more you are open to experience more, the more you will.

3. Reiki Others

Most people start doing Reiki, as a way to give back, be of service and help heal others. Some do it for their own personal growth. If and when you decide to Reiki others, give yourself the time to practice. You can charge for your Reiki or do some form of exchange energy. I found it where if someone was willing to volunteer and let me Reiki them, I took that time they are willing to give me as the form of payment given I really wanted to get more experienced before I start charging. 

Why is this important? It is important because, when you Reiki others, you never know what different kind of energies you will witness and experience. It’s good to get your toes wet dealing with different energetic alchemy. If you allow yourself to receive and be receptive, keep your mind quiet during Reiki Sessions, the Reiki energy will intuitively guide you and teach you. Be the student. 

4. Journal Your Sessions and experiences

We often take these moments for granted, so right off the start when you are just dipping your toes to Reiki, Journal the experiences. Every experience will be different, every experiences gives out parts of the whole messages. Signs and symbols, sensations, intuitive thoughts. These are all very important that you jot down into your journal, for your own record and for your own research and also as a mindfulness exercise to your growth. Journal! Journal! Journal!

5. Meditate

Meditation is very important in all spiritual healing practices. It is a place of reset, no judgement, answers and inspiration. It’s not easy for everyone to meditate, but just like any activities and just like school, it takes learning. Just like riding a bike, it takes that muscle coordination practice to balance in the pure love energy. 

I also highly suggest you journal your meditations. That’s something I wish I had started doing early on. People wonder how I was able to reach this point of spiritual enlightenment… I practiced meditating. I practiced a lot. I experimented in ways my body would be able to attain such energetic balance. There are a lot of advices out there on how to meditate, and there are many different types of way you can perform the act of meditation, but I suggest you sit back, relax and meditate. 

When you meditate, information comes faster, you heal faster, you get downloads that you can easily integrate without the resistance. 

I hope these 5 quick tips to get you started on to your Reiki Journey helps, inspire, and motivate you to forge on to the path of enlightenment.

xoxo Reiki Master MaryJ

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