Safety First For Reiki Practitioners, Teachers, and Clients

It is most important to listen to and comply with your national and local authorities for news and action. Quarantine, self-quarantine, postponing activities, staying home and other suggestions may be part of the recommendations. Stay informed. The situation is changing rapidly and it is important to follow the news daily for guidance in your specific area. This may likely include postponing your sessions and classes to a time in the future.

Washing your hands frequently

Wash your hands regularly throughout the day thoroughly with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.

Wash up upon arriving at your practice, office, or place of business and before and after client sessions or classes, and anytime you feel it necessary. Also, wash throughout the day during your daily travels and contact.

Using an alcohol-based hand rub

Have an alcohol-based hand rub available to use throughout the day and before and after contact with the public, clients, students, colleagues, and others. Have one available for your clients or students as well to use upon arrival and leaving and throughout a class day.

Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose

Follow good respiratory hygiene. Avoid the reflex or temptation to touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth. Coronavirus can be spread through droplets and you want to avoid direct exposure to your face.

Maintain social distance

When out and about or if around anyone who is coughing and sneezing and in general tries to keep at least 6 feet or 2 meters away if possible.

Use alternate forms of greeting

When meeting with someone use alternate or touchless forms of greeting. Forego the handshake or hug and simply use a waved hand, an elbow bump, or if safe a knee bump or foot bump. Or better still a nod and wave or namaste.

Amend Practice or Class Policies – Waive cancellation fees temporarily

Modify your Reiki practice or class policies to waive cancellation fees during the coronavirus epidemic. Let clients, students, and others know that if they feel ill in any way or have symptoms or feel they may have been exposed to the virus then they need to postpone their upcoming sessions or classes with you.

Reach out to clients or students 24 hours in advance of sessions or class times with your temporary policy update and to give them the option to confirm or postpone their session or class with no penalty.

Hold Distance Reiki Healing Sessions

It is a good time and a great opportunity to utilize your ability to send distant Reiki Healing. Distant healing is just as effective as a direct session. If anything, I’ve experienced distant healing to be more effective and energizes at a deeper level. 

Helpful Links

Stay updated with your national and local health authority’s updates, recommendations, and information:

USA: The CDC information, recommendations and updates can be found here

Canada: Gouvernement du Canada information, recommendations and updates can be found here and

European Union: The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control information, recommendations and updates can be found here

Australia: Australian Government Department of Health information, recommendations and updates can be found here

UK: Information, recommendations and updates can be found here

Global: The World Health Organization (WHO) information, recommendations and updates can be found here

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