Third-Eye Chakra 101

Third-Eye Chakra 101

Third Eye: Ajna

The third eye chakra connects you to the higher realms of intuition. It is a key anchor point for your Divine I Am presence along with an anchor point for etheric life force energy. The third eye chakra brings the potential for a connection with higher spiritual awareness.

Your third eye chakra is physically represented by the pineal gland, asmall gland shaped like a pinecone in your brain. The pineal gland is sensitive to light and produces melatonin, a hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm. In ancient cultures, they believed this gland helped people receive valuable pieces of information from outside sources that the five senses cannot detect. 

The third eye chakra empowers you to clearly see through your inner psychic sight, and it also helps you have a clear vision for what you want to create in your physical reality.

How to Know if the Third Eye is Out of Balance

A balanced Ajna will help you become tuned in with the material and psychic world. You can receive information that is beyond what can be perceived, yet it will not frighten or overwhelm you.

When the third eye is balanced, you possess strong intuition, self-awareness, and have a heightened perspective of reality. The third eye is said to be a doorway in which spiritual enlightenment can flow through. 

A third eye that is out of balance can result in mental illness, closed-mindedness, anxiety, depression and a lack of vision,  imagination, insight, and wisdom. 

Signs of an Underactive Third Eye

An underactive third eye leads to the inability to connect with the spiritual wisdom and influences around you. It blocks you from seeing what’s within. 

You may feel disconnected from your higher self, the divine source, and helpers from the angelic realms. You may not be able to see anything beyond the physical world and may lack focus and divine creativity. 

Signs of an Overactive Third Eye

If your third eye is overactive, you may experience mental exhaustion and indecisiveness. You may have a hard time distinguishing what is fantasy, and what is real in the present moment.

People with an overactive third eye may be afraid of visions they experience during third eye awakening. You may lose grasp on reality and can suffer from delusions or hallucinations. 

Ego can take over causing prideful obsessions with spiritual gifts such as clear vision, clear hearing, clear feeling, and so on. 

Chakra Healing for the Third Eye

To heal your third eye chakra, there are several things you can do. These include the following:


When it comes to balancing the third eye, it is important also to balance all of your chakras.

Meditate on the fact that you are a human, a creature of this planet.

Reconnect with your body, feel the grass, the dirt on your feet.

You can also energize your third eye chakra by meditating by yourself and spending more time in solitude and silence.

Focus on the signals that are happening outside of the physical body.

Listening attentively to your spirit and recognizing how it feels is a good start. This practice will make it easier and more natural for you to connect with the energy of this chakra.


-I trust my inner intuition

-I trust that I am guided

-I think clearly

-My thoughts are calm

-It’s easy to hear the voice of my soul

-My third eye is open

-I am connected to the Divine

-I am wise

-I am open to the wisdom within

-I make decisions easily

Healing Stones and Essential oils for the Third Eye

Stones associated with the Third eye

– Labradorite

– Celestite

– Lapis Lazuli

– Purple Agate

– Topaz

– Azurite

– Amethyst

– Blue Sapphire

– Alexandrite

Essential oils that promote energy to your third eye chakra are:

– Lemongrass

– Clary Sage

– Sandalwood

– Lemon

– Frankincense

– Juniper

– Patchouli

– Clary Sage

– Bay Laurel

– Rosemary

Additional Tips

If you are losing touch of reality and the present moment, focus more on the “now.”

Just “be.” Practice being in the present moment.

Don’t pressure yourself if you are not receiving information or perceiving psychic signs and messages.

Be gentle with yourself and embrace the process you are in.

Practice speaking with the divine, asking questions, and quieting the mind to receive answers.

Keep a dream journal.

Detoxify your pineal gland. Remove as many toxins from your diet and environment as possible, drink plenty of good filtered water, and increase your consumption of healthy foods.

Regularly set your intentions.

Let the concept of competition fall away. The third eye reminds us of our connection with one another, oneness and wholeness.

Tone the mantra OM.

Symbol and Symbolism of the Third Eye

The third eye symbol shows a lotus that has just two petals on either side of a circle. Within the circle sits a triangle balancing on its point.

This symbol represents our connection with the dimension of light.

Intuition, psychic energy, extrasensory perception, integrity, visualization, memory, spiritual perception, and imagination are symbolic of what the third eye governs.

Location of the Third Eye

The third eye is found in the center of your eyebrows. It extends down to your mouth and radiates to the top of the head.

Color of the Third Eye

The color of the third eye is indigo. It holds the power of both red and blue. Indigo is associated with integrity, concentration, faith, justice, and wisdom.

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