Throat Chakra 101

Throat Chakra 101

Throat Chakra: Vishuddha

This is the energy center of personal and self-expression and interestingly, of purification as well. The throat chakra is responsible for your ability to freely express yourself. It is the center of communication and has a key role in your ability to clearly communicate, and listen. 

Because its energy allows you to speak your truth, the throat chakra helps you to tap into who you are and live from an authentic space. This also means that you can connect with your purpose since your purpose is in alignment with who you really are. 

How to Know if the Throat Chakra is Out of Balance

When the throat chakra is balanced, you are able to speak the truth in love and kindness. You will find it easy and natural to say the words that are appropriate for any situation. 

Speaking with an energized throat chakra will enable you to inspire and heal others around you with your communication. 

When you want to express yourself but hold back, you may feel a lump in your throat, and you might also feel pressure in your gut. This is because holding back your truth will also affect your solar plexus. You will have a gut feeling to speak up, and when you don’t, this affects your sense of personal power and taking action. 

If you’re having issues with communication in any form, throat chakra balancing and healing have amazing, transformative effects.  

Underactive Throat Chakra

It is not always easy to speak your truth and from your heart. You may have been invalidated, ridiculed, or ignored, causing you to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.

Instead of speaking with clarity and with truth, an underactive throat chakra can cause you to shut down your voice. 

People with underactive throat chakra tend to be quiet, shy, or distant. They may find it difficult to express themselves and struggle for words even when the situation calls for speaking the truth.

You may also feel lost and disconnected from your purpose here on Earth. 

Overactive Throat Chakra

If your throat chakra is overactive, you have a hard time listening and tend to interrupt others and can come off as arrogant. You may struggle with gossip and be overly critical of others and yourself. 

Things can be said without consideration or without truth and you may have a tough time listening, being the one that dominates conversations. 

Physically, you may experience frequent infections, throat issues, jaw pain, dental issues, or an inability to listen.

Chakra Healing for the Throat Chakra

Here are some ways to balance your fifth chakra.


After grounding your energy visualize a blue light surrounding the area from your throat down to your heart chakra and up to the middle of your head. 

With each breath, you take in to see the light getting clearer and brighter while letting go of any blockages. Ask yourself, what is your truth, and why you are struggling in your particular situation? 

Listen for that soft inner voice, the voices angelic realm, and the divine source to guide you through the process. 

Ask for guidance to be able to communicate clearly while having an open heart. Be willing to hear what other people have to say.  

Imagine this chakra opening and expanding. You may want to work on balancing all of your chakras to help you with this. 


Affirmations for the throat chakra are focused on speaking and listening. You can say affirmations such as: 

– I communicate easily

– I say the right things at the right time

– I can ask for what I need

– My ultimate truth is love

– I speak in kindness

– I am able to listen to others with an open heart and mind

Chakra Stones and Essential oils for the Throat Chakra

Stones associated with the Throat Chakra

– Aquamarine

– Kyanite

– Turquoise

– Blue tourmaline

– Amazonite

– Lapis lazuli

– Azurite

– Angelite

– Blue lace agate

-Blue Topaz (be very careful with this one. Blue Topaz is actually quite rare and most of the Blue Topaz is irradiated to change its color from orange to blue. Irradiated Blue Topaz has detrimental properties)

These essential oils can help your throat chakra:

– Lemon

– Frankincense

– Peppermint

– German Chamomile

– Cypress

– Spearmint

– Jasmine

– Geranium

– Sage

Additional Tips

Sing daily! You can also hum or chant. This is a great way to freely express yourself. 

Keep a journal and write out your thoughts and emotions. 

Step out of your comfort zone and try public speaking. 

Before you speak, make it a habit always to ask yourself if what you are about to say is helpful, kind, and true. 

Work towards speaking up when you feel you should and practice doing it with kindness and truth. 

Even if there is no one who will hear you, practice expressing your truths and your emotions. Use a recorder or speak in front of the mirror. 

When energizing the chakra, it does not matter if your words are received by others. Just speak your truth kindly and justly.

Seek out someone to listen to. Give your full attention without interrupting. Just allow others to express themselves and practice receiving other people’s truths. 

Chant the mantra HAM to bring balance and harmony to the throat chakra.

Symbol and Symbolism 

The throat chakra symbols are a circle, representing complete openness encasing an inverted triangle, the elemental sign for water, (flow) and 16 petals. 

This symbol represents an open channel for the authentic expression of our true selves. 

The throat chakra symbolizes personal truth, communication, hearing, expressing spirit from within, truthfulness, authentic expression, and judgment. 

Location of the Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is not just on your throat. It is between the collarbone, radiating to the heart’s very center and in between your eyes.

The Chakra Color for the Throat Chakra

Blue is the color of the throat chakra. Blue symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, loyalty, compassion, and peace.  

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