Living In A Duality World May Not Be So Bad

Living In A Duality World May Not Be So Bad

Living In A Duality World May Not Be So Bad…It’s tough at times, but I’ve heard from many spiritual guru’s, which, kinda makes sense, but doesn’t, is, how could you know happiness if you didn’t know sadness? Have you heard that? It might have even been Jesus that mentioned it. Please check your sources. With that theory in mind, duality, is a beautiful thing.

It has also been said that everything around you is here to serve you further to remember who you truly are. To bring you back home and align to that unconditional love that heals. So take a look around you because what are things around you, serving you? or not serving you?

If everything in this world is created to remind us of who we are and remember the love that we are to embody, our divine birthright of Christ, then, duality is one of those things that are here for you to at your service.

So, what am I saying here? 

First, everything that is here, around you, in your present, now… In a way, was, and are created to distract you further away from remembering your divine birthright. Fortunately, all these distractions, and, because we are in a duality world, can also be used to deepen and heighten your spiritual awareness, enlightenment, awakening and growth. They hold keys to our truth and spiritual awakening.

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Isn’t that beautiful? As the supposed mischief goes on, the dual deed to light is, in this theoretical matrix, is the evolution of humanity’s consciousness to Christ consciousness.

Christ consciousness is to understand we are all connected. We all hold a divine birthright from Christ.

One of the biggest thing I’ve found that obviously connects us together inexplicably, is love. Christ is love and love is Christ. We are born as love. Taking away all the visuals that tend to give us a perception of division, and separation… In earth, we all share similar struggles or lessons. We work as a collective individually. We all hold a piece of the puzzle that makes us individually and together whole. Together and Individually, we are a force of love and light.

Second, I believe you aren’t healed until the moment or moments come, when in the same instance, you would have been normally triggered, and in that instance, you are not triggered at all. A sense of freedom comes about you. It’s those moments when you have that sense of peace that sits within you. I believe, that’s how you know you’ve healed that specific issue. Triggers can be a debbie downer yet a massive help to our spiritual and personal growth game.

For this I’m talking about the triggers that make you angry and lash out or start yelling, where we become somewhat destructive, and become a person we don’t want to be, those triggers… Because of duality these triggers are quite helpful to your spiritual enlightenment, awakening and growth. Be grateful for the triggers and those that really poke at you and your heart, and your soul… those are indications of where healing is needed. However, be gentle with yourself, if you’re not ready, it is okay… Breathe! Start small, or go big and go home, that is really all up to you. Just know that your heart will not lead you astray.

I was saying… be grateful to these triggers. Why? These triggers are here to serve you, just as everything is, right? Triggers are indications where healing is needed, where strenght, patience and love must be restored. These triggers and things that upsets you, helps you learn to refine your balance and center, further master your domain, maintain peace and love. So when you feel triggered to express yourself in a intense manner, take a step back, don’t say anything, breathe and let the energy get fully integrated with you which makes the energy less intense, and go from there. There’s that saying, “let the dust settle.” And try to express yourself matching your hearts intention and be as loving as possible. This takes practice, however, the switch and transformation this offers you is so impactful in all levels of life.

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Third, if you really think about it, being angry is a form of control. Expressing anger in a hurtful way is very controlling. Why? We get mad when people or things don’t come or show up as expected. It upsets us when we are not heard and we wanna be heard. We get annoyed because people or things are not living up to our expectations. Do you see the control issue that lies within these petty moments. One of the things you must do to further expand and deepen your spiritual practice is being able to not impose on anyone else’s freewill and communicate clearly that is aligned to your intention. I think patience and calm is a form of Art. It’s beautiful. I do truly believe that meditation helps with enhancing and refining our calm, peace and patience. It magnifies love within oneself. And love don’t lash out on people.

Of course, it’s easier to get mad, but the goal for your spiritual growth is to be able to transmute and express those anger through the eyes of love.

Last but not the least, as you stay mindful throughout the day of the energies that you feel or sense, when you notice a trigger or an energy that takes you away from your present and gets you in your head feeling like crap again, quickly take a look around you, and pick an object to put your focus on, anything really. Think about the color, the size, feel it, smell it, if you can. This exercise will pull you back into the present moment and you will notice as you do this the energy dissipates and goes away. The more you do the more, you can easily do this, and use this tool to further your spiritual enlightenment. Don’t let those energies or trigger get you sucked in.

Take it as it comes. Don’t go looking for trouble. Just be present in your now, because there in your NOW, truly lies every opportunity to heal, enlighten yourself and be of love that you are. The best part is for you to consciously connect directly to God and find the truth you are seeking. 

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